I am a graduate student in Robotics, Systems and Controls program at ETH Zurich. My research interests lie in designing learning-based systems for navigation and manipulation in unknown environments. I am currently working at Robotic Systems Lab under Prof. Marco Hutter on learning locomotion-manipulation policies for ANYmal.

I graduated from IIT Kanpur in May 2018 with a Bachelors in Electrical Engineering. In the summer of 2017, I worked with Prof. Wolfram Burgard on predicting landing sites from aerial images. During my undergraduate program, I co-founded the AUV team for marine robotics.

Apart from my academic engagements, I enjoy playing lawn tennis, and running! In my spare time, I often end up on GitHub (a good replacement to other form of social media).


Apr 16, 2019 Presented a seminar on Hierarchical RL for the Deep RL course (slides available here)
Nov 3, 2018 Working at Robotic Systems Lab on deploying RL algorithms into robots
Sep 17, 2018 Started Masters in Robotics, Systems, and Controls (RSC) at ETH Zurich
Sep 6, 2018 Our paper on ‘Vision-based Autonomous Landing in Catastrophe-Struck Environments’ is accepted for IROS’18 Workshop on Vision-based Drones: What’s Next?
Jun 28, 2018 Received ‘SIIC Student Innovation Award’ and ‘Sri. Binay Kumar Memorial Award’ at 51st Convocation, IIT Kanpur for my work on design and development of autonomous underwater vehicle


  1. Vision-based Autonomous Landing in Catastrophe-Struck Environments Mayank Mittal, Abhinav Valada, and Wolfram Burgard Workshop on Vision-based Drones: What’s Next?, IROS 2018 [Abs] [arXiv] [Video] [PDF]


other relevant projects

  • Verification of Neural Networks using Linear Programming (report)
  • Monocular Odometry with Bundle Adjustment (report, video, code)
  • Survey on Variational Autoencoders for Bayesian Inference (report)
  • Visual Odometry using careful Feature Selection and Tracking (report, code)
  • MATLAB based GUI for Motion Planning (code)
  • Failure Handling in Swarm of Quadrotors (report)

open source projects

  • ROS package for AirSim simulator- in C++ (code)
  • ROS package for AirSim simulator- in Python (code)
  • ROS package for saving data published from Zed Camera (code)
  • ROS package for publishing data from Sparton AHRS8 sensor (code)


  • (Winter 2017: TA, guest lecturer): AE640A: Autonomous Navigation with Mangal Kothari

    • preparing course materials and assignments
    • guest lecturer on system integration using ROS (slides), robot simulation using Gazebo (slides), mathematical foundation for Robotics (slides), and non-parametric filters for localization


  • (Spring 2019): Hierarchical Reinforcement Learning (slides)
  • (Summer 2018): Introduction to Robot Operating System (slides, tutorial, post)
  • (Fall 2016): Sensors and Actuators (slides)
  • (Fall 2016): Introduction to Robotics (slides)